Why Are You Here

Welcome to StartUpWiser.com. A resource for you, the small business owner, or for those exploring the entrepreneurial field to gather insight, information, ideas, or maybe just look at a problem or opportunity a bit differently.

Regardless of why you are here, there is one overriding theme that I want you to take away from this site:

You are in business to make money!

That’s it.


Because if you do not make money you will not be in business tomorrow.

And if you are not in business tomorrow then that means that you will probably lose money (maybe even your home), lose valuable time with your family and significant others and go through considerable emotional stress (maybe even divorce).

And that sucks!

But you know what?  I firmly believe it does not have to happen.  You can succeed, you should succeed, and you owe it to yourself and to your family, investors and clients to succeed.

So go ahead and explore the content, and hopefully what you read, see and hear will provide you with many “ah ha I never thought about that” moments, or maybe even make you smile as you nod your head in agreement with real life examples that have also happened to you.



Jim Melville, CPA, CA