What is Your Free Time Worth?


So, have you ever wondered how much your free time is worth?

Well, before I tell you what I think your time is worth, I want you to guess!

What do you think?  $40 an hour? $60, $80 how about $100.00?  No way you think, well read on…

Here is what a good friend once explained to me when we were discussing home renovations and when you should call in a professional (and not just because you don’t do plumbing very well).

The answer is all in the math:

Total hours in a day: 24

Sleep per day: 8

Wake up morning routine, dinner routine, kid time, and personal bedtime routine: 4

This leaves 12 hours per day or 84 hours for the week.

Average work week including commute time 10 hours x 5 days: 50

New balance: 34 available hours.

Deduct House chores; entertainment, kids sports, personal health, family events etc. for say 12 hours per week leaves 22 hours of free time (maybe).

Okay, then 22 hours x 48 weeks (allow 4 weeks vacation) = 1,056 free hours.


Therefore, if with an annual income of $80,000 divided by the free 1,056 hours we have a free hour cost of $76.00 per hour.

What if you make $120,000?  Then your free time is worth about $114.00 per hour.

Wait a minute, how much did the painters quote for your bedrooms?  And how long will it take you?  Hmmm, maybe you should re-think painting the house yourself.

So, think about it, be honest, how much free time do you really have “free”?

Thanks,  Jim.

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