Do You Ever Check Out Your Own Website?


Do You Ever Check Your Own Web Site?

When they develop computer games, they have multiple people sitting for hours and hours on end learning the business playing whatever it is they are developing with the sole purpose of trying to find bugs in the game.  An example would be hitting the bounce key 40 times then running backwards then forward – just unusual stuff to see what causes grief.  And then you can only imagine that the usual things are double checked.

But what about your own web site.  Have you ever asked others to just go hunting through your site to see if it makes sense, better yet what about trying to see unusual glitches?

Or, did you try it yourself and say fantastic – because after all you had nothing to do with the design and planning – right?

So, you are not a good bet to beta test your site – but you should try anyway.

What about making changes to your site – have you tested to see if it makes sense?  Do the new changes integrate well with the old – did you try it – impartially?  That’s impossible.

I will give you a little story – this happened to me.  I wanted to call about purchasing software for a client as by doing so I could offer them a discount.  What a painful experience!  First – which number do I call?  Then which department? Then when I did get assistance, they sent me off to the wrong language (I am bilingual so it was not an issue but come on).

My point in all this – are you frustrating your customers, or even worse, turning off potential customers from your product or service due to inefficient, cumbersome, or a plain frustrating web or phone experience?

So here is what I want you to do – find some impartial people and have them try your web site or phone the office, and then ask for feedback. Plus, I want you to try it yourself.  Maybe you will find that it does not do what you thought, or things have changed so much over time that it no longer makes sense.

And one more thing, have you looked at your web site to see what should be removed or updated.  You know – those products that you have pictures of but no longer sell, or staff that no longer work there?

Thanks, Jim.

Jim Melville, CPA, CA